March 30, 2023

31: King James Vers....or Bottom?

31: King James Vers....or Bottom?
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This episode is all about the life and Rotten actions of King James of England. The clearly queerly man who is responsible for the commission of the King James Version of the Bible.

The KJV remains the most widely published text in the English language and was the work of close to fifty scholars. It has been printed between five to seven billion times in every language.

James wasn’t a very popular king, especially following in the footsteps of Elizabeth 1st. The commission of the Bible was his chance to gain popularity among his people and give them a book in their common tongue that they could read to control them out of fear…I mean spiritual guidance.

Join me to learn all about the male “good friends” of King James and the back door tunnels he took to get buggered by them.

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