May 25, 2023

35: Caligula

35: Caligula
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Now, I see nothing wrong with living for life's pleasures. I am not one to shy away from a good time, but our subject for the lesson today took it to the next level. We can either rule or have a good time. History has shown us that we can’t have both….at least not for long. The Universe doesn’t give with both hands: and the Roman Emperor Caligula is proof and point of that.

Caligula is believed to have had sex with his own sisters, but he also sold them to other men for sex. He would take any other man’s wife and fornicate with her, then go back to the room in front of everyone and loudly brag about what he just did to her.

He only ruled Rome for four years and it seemed that he had a great time while everyone else paid the price. Wash your hands and grab the penicillin, we’re learning all about another Rotten Ruler, Caligula!

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