Sept. 2, 2022

Welcome to Rotten to the Core

Welcome to Rotten to the Core

Magic Mirror on the wall, who are the most rotten ones of all? Hello my darlings and welcome to Rotten to the Core. Here we will scribe to the past and discover some rotten apples throughout our history. Have no fear my pretties, for we shall learn a lesson. Not only about their horrendous deeds but also about our own power. Lets step out of the shadow of the past and help pull it toward the light.

I'm your host Josh Waters and I'll be your Queen guiding you on our journey. Now come along dears, we have lessons to learn. History is waiting.

This podcast is hosted by Joshua Waters, the queer & sultry “Not so Evil Queen”

Are you obsessed with true crime and rotten people? If you have a favorite murder and you’re a crime junkie with a slight morbid since of curiosity you’re in the right place. If you can’t get enough Dateline or 20/20 and you don’t quite trust going out alone in your own back yard because people are shady - yeah me too. And if you also enjoy listening to Generation Why, True Crime Garage, The Vanished, or basically any podcast about unsolved cases and mysteries - well you’ll probably enjoy this one!